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Who Are We ?

We are a small family run business / blog sharing our love of France and pretty much anything French. Although we are based in the the US we have experience of living, working and travelling in France and Europe prior to settling in the US. Our goal, our dream is to split our time between the US and France at some point. Well you’ve got to dream haven’t you !

We’ve been in love with all things French for many years now and have been lucky enough to visit many times and continue to do so on a regular basis as we have family and friends in Europe. We don’t need much persuasion to visit and grab a few days whenever we can.

We started this blog as a way of documenting our experiences and to share the things we’ve learnt about France over the years. Like many other people who have fallen in love with France we know it’s so much more than croissant or a trip up the Eiffel Tower It’s the whole French approach to life we aspire to. The odd croissant is pretty good too !

What We Do

France is the world’s number one holiday destination for a good reason. It has so much to offer. World famous wines, delicious food with art, culture and fashion just for starters. Add in the lure of cities like Paris and Bordeaux, regions like the Loire Valley and Provence and the south of France it’s now wonder people want to visit.

So you want to find out more about France. You’ve visited some travel sites, read some of the guides of which there are countless out there but have you come away feeling like you could have had another slice of that tarte au citron ? That’s certainly how we feel visiting sites which have more advertising content than the good solid information you need if you really want to get to know France.

So our focus is on great content. In depth articles about a range of topics which would be of interest to anyone new to France and perhaps planning their first visit to the City of Light – Paris. As a traveler you need practical guides – such as the best way to buy tickets on the bus and rail services but that’s only one part of visiting a new country.

Knowing how to get a around a city such as Paris or Nice is great but wouldn’t you like to know why it’s organised like it is, how it got to be like that ? So we like to go into more depth in our articles so you can a deeper understanding of the places your are visiting and the people you are meeting.

What We Like Writing About


The development of modern France has a rich history going back to Medieval times and beyond. In all that time it was a major force in European politics and cultural and scientific development. If you want to find out what shaped modern France a clear understanding of it’s history is essential.

What to See

France is the world’s most popular tourist destination with Paris being the first choice for new visitors. How do you chose where to go and what to see ? We’ve been in the same position so our guides will help you decide what is important and how to have a memorable trip to France.


Paris is well served by public transport with the Metro being it’s heart. if you want to explore further the TGV will transport you quickly and in luxury to your destination. Get to know the excellent transport system and you will experience so much more in France. Join us on our journey.


Boulangerie or patiserrie, a fresh morning croissant or slice of tarte au citron ? Perhaps you prefer rustic Provencal cooking or the very finest French gastronomy at a Lyon Brasserie. France has it all to offer and we want to share our love of that most French of topics – food.


French wines and the vines on which they are based have traveled the world to make French wine loved the world over. With wines for every taste and budget, French wine has it covered. Join us on our journey to learn more about what makes a great wine and it’s origins.


France was the birthplace of cinema and it is the 3rd biggest market in the world for cinema tickets. Paris has more cinemas than any other city too. French directors and actors have  made some wonderful films so join us to learn more about this aspect of French culture.

First visit when we were students

View from Sacre Coeur in the 1980s

Probably our best gÎte ever

“Paris is always a good idea”

About Us

Inspired by France is a small family run business/blog . We have lived and worked in France at various times in our life and hope to spend a lot more time there in the future.

We love all things French ranging from film, music and literature to the simple pleasures of French cooking and the odd glass of wine. We want to share our love of France with other France fanatics !

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